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Versele - laga Canaries Classics, without canola. 20kg

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Prestige Premium Canaries Light is a mixture of seeds fortified with nutritive elements complementary to the...
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Versele-Laga Prestige Canary Show 20Kg

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Composition Birdseed is 67 % Bold 13 % Flaxseed 9 % Oats, without husk 6 % Wild seeds 3 % White knob 2 %
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Prestige Premium Canary with VAM 20kg, Versele laga

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Versele-Laga Prestige Premium Canaries is a complete food and balanced for the daily diet of canaries. His recipe is...

N 55 Canaries Superma Beyers 20Kg

Mixture of canaries balanced for both canaries of posture as for canaries of color. Mix very used in Belgium,...

Beyers n80, Canary breed without rapeseed

Ingredients> canary seed 65%, 15% niger, wild seeds 5%, 5% flax seed, oats peeled, 5%, 5% hemp seed


Are typical values expressed in % which indicates clearly the amount of nutrients (Proteins, fibers and fats) that...

Canaries the best selection, without Oats and without...

Jarad is a brand 100% andalusian dedicated to feeding of birds for more than ten years. In their food only uses...

Kiki Pro Canary islands Euro without canola, 5kg

Mixture of food seed selected for canaries and finches. Formulated with a selection of the best seeds enriched....


Are typical values expressed in % which indicates clearly the amount of nutrients (Proteins, fibers and fats) that...
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Versele Laga Canaries Light 20kg

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Detailed information Versele Laga Canaries Light is a combination of the best seeds are 100% natural,...
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Mixture Versele-Laga Blatner - Siskin 1A / Siskin 1A 15kg

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Prestige develops a specific mixture to cover all the needs of the Cardenalito of Venezuela and other Lúganos....

Birdseed Canada Extra Manitoba 25 kilos

Birdseed Canada (Manitoba) It is a seed with certified quality of canada, with a high content of carbohydrates...

Mxt. Canaries T5 (Manitoba) 25 kg

Mxt. Canaries T5 (Manitoba) Description: Mix professional quality extra special for Canaries , rich in seed...


T3 Manitoba Platinum is a professional mix of extra quality, Special for Canarios composed by seeds of canary...

Mixture for canaries Manitoba T3 Platinum 5 kg

Mix professional quality extra special for Canaries. It does not create the plumage of gold. Prevents the...
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Food for birds LEGAZIN ENERGY MEDIUM F3 5 kg

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Food compuestompara birds, enriched with AMIENSET, suitable for cardueldis, canaries, serinus etc...