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Food for Goldfinches and wild

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European Finches of Versele Laga. 1kg

components Canary seed 46%, 22%, rapeseed, linseed 7%, a seed of Niger 7%, oats peeled, 6%, 5% hemp, wild seeds...

Nr49 Goldfinches (New Formula) Beyers 15Kg

Mixture intended to cover the nutritional needs specific to all types of native birds [linnet, sizerín, siskin]...

N 96 eurasian bullfinch (New Formula) Beyers 15Kg

Specific mix designed to meet the needs of the finches, common and small north.   Large variation in seeds such...

Beyers nº58 lúganos and goldfinches SUPREME

It is a blend of ideal for finches and goldfinches with a high percentage of seeds of the grass and wild seeds ....

Beyers Nº90 Peaks-Eyed (New Formula) Beyers 15Kg

Specific mix designed to meet the needs of the eurasian bullfinch picogruesos and piquituertos. Mix very varied...


Protein 17% Fibers 14% Fat 19% Presentation: Bag of 4 kg minimum Unit of sale: Bag of 4 kg Are typical...


MIXT. PREMIFOOD WILD PREMIUM 4 KG L large variety of seeds that the make up makes it very versatile for the...


Indications: the formula classic Jarad more protein and energy agreed upon by fans of the goldfinch. You can serve...


The more protein and consensual for finches, native or foreign of peak thickness, in particular eurasian bullfinch....

Blattner Goldfinch / Goldfinch 15kg, Versele Laga

INDICATIONS: Especially indicated for all type of Goldfinch as the Goldfinch large and small, the Goldfinch siberian...

Kiki Pro Canary islands Euro without canola, 5kg

Mixture of food seed selected for canaries and finches. Formulated with a selection of the best seeds enriched....

Kiki Pro Goldfinches Premium, 5kg

Food for goldfinches premium of the professional range of kiki, experts in feeding of poultry , seeds of high...

Kiki Pro Goldfinch Greater premium, 5kg

Mix specified, intended to cover the needs of small and major goldfinches.   Great variety of special seeds:...

Mixture Versele-Laga Blatner - Siskin 1A / Siskin 1A 15kg

Prestige develops a specific mixture to cover all the needs of the Cardenalito of Venezuela and other Lúganos....
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Versele Laga Triumph birds wild 4 kg

COMPOSITION: The canary islands 57%, russen 12%, Senegal millet 5%, red millet 5%, linseed 4%, wild seeds 3%,...

Birdseed Canada Extra Manitoba 25 kilos

Birdseed Canada (Manitoba) It is a seed with certified quality of canada, with a high content of carbohydrates...

Manitoba, MIXTURE two species of siskins CARDINAL 2.5 Kg

Ingredients: Thistle, canary seed, erba mazzolina, bold, white knob, chicory, camelina, fennel, sesame, lettuce,...

Mixture indigenous to manitoba, 2.5 kg (eurasian bullfinch)

Complete blend of superior quality for birds motif. Mixture special for eurasian bullfinch and verdones composed...

Manitoba Mxt. Goldfinches Carduelidi

Mxt. Goldfinches Carduelidi + Chia (Manitoba) Description: Mix professional quality extra, special for...
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Mixture for wild birds in the supreme KIKIPRO 20 kg

Mixture of seeds of the highest quality called Wild SUPREME Seeds: Birdseed, cañamon, lettuce, white, bold,...

Mixture for goldfinches carduelis DELI NATURE 750 gr

Description: Mix professional quality extra, special for Goldfinches Greater , formula balanced recommended...